Guild Certified Framer (GCF)

A qualification earned through study and examination. It is designed to identify high quality framers, and covers  essential skills and standards, testing “excellence across the basics”.
The Guild Commended Framer exam was introduced by the Fine Art Trade Guild in 1994.
The Guild Commended Framer programme is internationally recognised as the qualification for the framing industry. Qualified GCF’s are now framing in 23 countries worldwide.
In 2015, the qualification was upgraded to the Guild Certified Framer Qualification.

Advanced GCF in Textile Framing

Introduced by the Fine Art Trade Guild in 2001, this qualification requires the framer to show a thorough understanding of all types of textile and textile art, and the special requirements needed when handling and framing textiles.
To achieve this, in 2002 he went to England to take the Examination  This earned him the unique position of becoming the first  picture framer in New Zealand and the fourth framer in the world to hold this qualification

New Zealand Conservators of Cultural Materials (NZCCM)

Michael is an associate member of the NZCCM
When specialist services are required, the Old Masters will arrange, with top conservators and restorers, for assessment and/or repair of works of art that are damaged or require cleaning etc.

Fine Art Trade Guild

Old Masters Picture Framing is a member of the Fine Art Trade Guild,
the trade association representing all levels of the framing and art industry
in the UK and Eire.