Why Conservation – or as it is better known – Preservation Framing


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The number one enemies of your Art are time and light.

    • As your artwork ages, air pollution, paper degradation and the by-products of material’s ageing, combine to cause yellowing, fading and discolouring.
    • The UV content of the light degrades art irreparably.
    • Put simply, Conservation Framing employs the use of materials that have been proven to protect and maintain art in as close to its original condition as possible.

Value is, at best, a subjective thing.

If it’s worth framing, it’s worth protecting.








When should I ask for Conservation Framing?

    • Original works of art
    • Limited editions
    • Family portraits & other photographs
    • College diplomas
    • Anything of monetary, historical or  sentimental value, such as your child’s first drawing
    • Needleart

Conservation framing can keep your treasured memories looking great for generations