Fine Art Trade Guild & Framing Standards

om FATG LOGOThe Fine Art Trade Guild (U.K.)

is the professional body for the art and framing trade.

It sets standards for the framing trade that are internationally recognised, and has set up and runs the Guild Commended Framer (GCG) examinations. It produced the Five Levels of Framing as guidance to framers and customers, has been heavily involved in producing standards for mountboards, and is currently producing standards for tapes and adhesives.

The Five Levels of Framing

The Old Masters use the Fine Art Trade GuildĀ  Five Levels of framing as standard practice, with Conservation framing being the preferred option.

This gives you a choice of how much or how little you want to safeguard your artwork.

A summary of the Five Levels:

Museum Level

The ultimate level of protection for museum quality works and artwork of high value or historical interest, to be preserved for the future.

Conservation Level

A high level of protection for collectable artwork and items to be kept for future generations. This is the preferred level of framing for the Old Masters.

Commended Level

A moderate level of protection for replaceable artwork of limited value.

Budget Level

Visually acceptable frames with no attempt to protect the artwork or its long term appearance.

Minimum Level

Suitable for temporary display only.

For more information on the Fine Art Trade Guild click here

Guild Certified Framer Qualification (GCF)

The GCF exams are recognised worldwide and several countries have resident examiners.

certified-logoThere are now four exams:


GCF Advanced Mountcutting, Design & Function;

GCF Advanced Textiles;

GCF AdvancedĀ  Conservation.

These qualifications indicate to customers that this is a framer capable of high-quality work.